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Jeshua's Song

Posted by the Saga-Oracle on March 24, 2011 at 8:30 AM

If you loved Magdalene's Well, I believe you will love Jeshua's Song too.  However, it is about three times as long.  This epic story is like noneI have ever heard and I am honored that Jeshua trusted me to 'finally' finish the project, even if it took me a while to feel "worthy".

I await the 2 proof books and they should arrive any day.  No calls from the publisher so I assume no news is good news.  I plan to travel and promote both books this summer via book signings, and, if the establishments or groups want, do grail readings.

If anyone has any ideas of possible locations please let me know.  If someone hosts a group and has an extra room to put me up I will give them a signed book.  I love to talk about the process to spiritual groups of people.  They have the best questions and understand the process and the depth of the narrative so completely.

I will also try to market to other book stores.  I have categorized this book as fiction because I cannot prove the tale, nor do I want to.  I still remember what Mary Magdalene said back in 2004, "There is more truth in fiction, and more fiction in, so-called 'truth,' than anyone could ever imagine.

Will keep you posted.



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Reply Deane
7:50 AM on April 6, 2011 
I still await the proof copies of the book. Seems like it has been forever since I sent the book in. I have a JESHUA;S SONG group of facebook and post an excerpt everyday. I simply randomly choose something each day from the pages which I have minimized until they look like a line of postage stamps. Even so, it is odd how I keep going to the same passages, or at least very close to the previous one. I am noticing things I would have changed in the editing phase, too, which took repeated passovers. Until I see the proof book I won't know where errors jump off the page and smack me in the eye. Funny, however, the proof readers were so caught up in the story that they didn't notice if a comma was missing or a word repeated. I worry too much.

This rambling is a bit of a test for me, too. Just wondering how this works. Doesn't anyone receiveit, or does it just wait for discovery? Like my books eh?